Here You Are Again

You people should be ashamed of yourselves. I have told you over and over again. You are not going to find any stories on this page about nude cheerleaders, nude cheerleaders having sex, cheerleaders without panties or any such material. Still, you keep coming back. Readership keeps going up.

I realize that I don’t get a lot of return visits. Everybody seems to come here once or twice. I can understand that. There really isn’t any content. It is one story after the next about the fact that I am trying to get the readership up on the site so I can sell it. So I talk about nude cheerleaders, fat girls nude, girls without panties and missing panties.

I really don’t talk about them. I just work them in to the text.

I have noticed that there is a lot of traffic regarding Jennifer Lawrence and Holly Sonders. I have mentioned both of them a number of times. I understand why you would come to read a story about Jennifer Lawrence or Holly Sonders. They are both really good looking women. However, you are not going to see any stories about Holly Sonders in thongs or Jennifer Lawrence nude.

I used to get a lot of traffic when I would mention Tina Turner. Apparently there are a lot of people who would like to see Tina Turner without pants. Come on, Tina Turner is about 70 years old. You don’t really want to see Tina Turner without pants, do you?

This almost seems like a cheap trick. But it is a cheap trick that keeps working. So I’ll keep talking about young girls having sex, nude cheerleaders, cheerleaders without panties and occasionally mention Justin Bieber. And you keep coming back.

Welcome Jennifer Lawrence Fans

You, the readers of this site, are amazing. If you visit here regularly you understand that I am not at all interested in serious blogging here. I am just using crude tricks to get the visitor numbers up so I can sell the site. So I put in words like panties and nude and sex. Those get picked up by search engines and the pervs who look for such things come and click on the site. They don't stay long.

In one of my previous posts I mentioned Jennifer Lawrence. Wow! Her fans are everywhere. She has been at the top of the search keywords for this site for a while now. God bless Jennifer Lawrence. She brings more traffic to the site than nude girls, nude cheerleaders and cheerleaders missing their underwear. Apparently there is a big fascination among Internet surfers with missing panties.

The guy who runs Wayne's Wonderous Website told me that he once ran a post that had the name Holly Sonders in it. Holly Sonders became one of the big keywords that drove traffic to his site. But it was a search for Holly Sonders in a thong. Apparently there is a lot of fascination among Internet surfers with panties and missing panties so that shows up a lot in this blog, also.

There is a wide diversity of visitors, geographically speaking. But Belleville, Illinois is still at the top of the list of cities. I don't know what that tells me.

So, to you Jennifer Lawrence fans, I apologize. To those of you coming here to see Jennifer Lawrence in a thong or Jennifer Lawrence in panties, keep searching. But feel free to come back. (I get very few returning visitors. I guess it is because there really are no nude cheerleaders or cheerleaders with missing panties.)

I feel the need to pander to the pervs just a little more but I don't know whether to mention a cheer leader scandal or nude Russian girls. Nude Russian girls has sort of fallen low on the list. I did get one search for dubai cheerleaders nude. I'm thinking that doesn't happen very often.

We’re Having A Gay Time Here


Well, Gee here you are again. Or maybe it’s your first time. You’ve come here looking for nude cheerleaders having sex with students. And then you saw that this was all about something else. Or maybe you came here because the word “gay” is in the title. So maybe you were looking for an article or pictures about gay nude cheerleaders having sex with students.

Of course if you read the other articles in here you will find that I simply insert those words in order to keep the readership up. There are just a number of you who just can’t resist clicking on something about girls without panties, nude Russian girls, sex with students and Tina Turner without panties.

But now that you are here let’s talk. There is some news going on today in the United States Supreme Court. They are hearing a case on California’s Prop 8. That is the proposition passed by the California voters that tried to address decisions made by the California Supreme Court about gay marriage. It’s all pretty confusing to me. Apparently the people in California are really concerned about what you are doing with your genitals. So they got together and decided that gay people can’t get married. What a crock of shit.

I am dictating this with a program called Dragon Naturally Speaking. Frankly, it is an example of the craziness that has set in on our society. When I say the word “shit” it spells “shift” and when I try to correct it it doesn’t even give me the word “shit” as a choice. That, my friends, is bullshit.(spelled by DNS as “bull shipped”)

That’s just how crazy our society has become. We are spending millions of dollars trying to keep gay people from getting married. I blame all of that on radical Christians. These are the nuts that go around and believe that the Bible should be interpreted literally. I mean where else would you read a story about a man and a woman standing under a tree talking to a snake and take it literally?

I don’t want to unfairly criticize radical Christians. They are no different than radical Muslims. They are nuts, too. The two groups are going to cause the rest of us a lot of problems. Maybe we could lock them all in some country and let them all kill one another. The rest of us could go on living our lives.

Well, until I can get the numbers up on the site I will continue to mention nude cheerleaders, nude cheerleaders having sex with students, panties, nude Russian girls and Justin Bieber. How he fits in with the rest of that I’ll never know. But he always brings a lot of viewers to this site.

Thanks for coming by.

Pound This


Well, you found it. The website that exploits nude cheerleaders having sex with underage teens. Yes that’s what you were looking for wasn’t it? Or did you click on “sex with students?” This is the site. This is what you been looking for.

Yes it’s here that we talk about those things. We mention them repeatedly. That takes us up in the search engines. Then dumb shits like you click on that and end up here. It increases my rankings on search engines. I want to thank you very much.

Maybe you are thinking about Tina Turner without panties. Yes I mention that too. There is no limit to how low I will go in order to get people to click on this website. And now you have joined the thousands of people who get here and say, “damn, this is not what I was looking for!”

Well what can we talk about? We could talk about the asshole who set the kid on fire at his birthday party in London. It was the birthday party for a young man named Stephen Simpson. Apparently Simpson had Asperger’s syndrome, a speech impairment and epilepsy as well as being gay. So you think you have problems?

A couple of his friends at the party were subjecting him to ridicule when some major brain-fart by the name of Jordan Sheard allegedly, you always have to say allegedly, set Simpson on fire. Simpson was 18 years old. He died.

Still looking for nude Russian girls without panties? Read on! I saw a nude Russian girl without panties. Actually I have seen a number of them. In person. In real life. I didn’t have to look them up on the Internet, loser!

The iPad version of the Huffington Post reports that a man cut off his father’s genitals before severing his own in what is called a “savage” attack. Yes!

Police said they believe the man was “influenced by a false religious belief he picked up from the Internet.” That brings up a number of questions for me. What is a “false religious belief?” Well, that is for another day and another time.

There is a report that in February 2012, 26-year-old man in China severed his penis and then committed suicide. What the hell else would you do under that circumstance? I mean if you didn’t have a penis you wouldn’t be searching the Internet for sites that talk about naked Kentucky cheerleaders having sex with teachers.

I notice that the keyword “Pope” is not getting much action anymore. The guy’s been elected and we have moved on. And as far as keywords go I’m sure “Justin Bieber” will continue to hold his own, so to speak!

Other hot search trends for Monday, March 25, 2013 are NASCAR and Marshall Henderson. Now I don’t give a damn about NASCAR. I have ridden in one. It was fun. I took two trips around the track in Milwaukee. I’m done with NASCAR. Of course right now we’re in the middle of March madness. I am getting slaughtered on my brackets. I don’t watch the games. I don’t watch them till the final four.

Apparently Marshall Henderson has been misbehaving. It is reported that he gave not one but two middle fingers to the crowd when Ole Miss got upset by LaSalle in the third round of the 213 NCAA tournament. Uh, who cares?

The last thing I want to talk about is Muslim headwear. Apparently a court in France made some ruling that had to do with Muslim headwear. It upset a lot of people. Of course it did! No matter what decision you make you are either going to upset the Muslims or the non-Muslims. People in France don’t want religious displays in their clothing. Well that’s what they say. The truth is they don’t want Muslim religious displays. Frankly, neither do I. But I’m not very crazy about Christian religious displays. I’m not crazy about organized religion at all. It causes wars.

I am going to quit now. I imagine at least one reader is offended. I have been smart enough to shut down the comment section. So, all you can do is pound on your keyboard. Of course if you came here looking for naked cheerleaders having sex with students without panties then you probably weren’t planning on pounding your keyboard at all.

Think About It!

Okay, so I see that you are interested in naked cheerleaders having sex with students. You also seem to be interested in Justin Bieber and other famous characters.

What interests me more than that is the conflict between the Islamist and Christian worlds. I just don't see how those two are ever going to be reconciled. Every day on the radio I hear some story that makes my skin crawl about people in the Muslim world who believe in honor killings and other acts that I consider to be just horrendous.

Those are things that run deep in their culture. Those are things that they have lived with for hundreds of years. I don't see how we are ever going to change their minds. I don't think we have a better chance of changing their minds on those subjects than they have of changing our minds on some of our subjects.

So what are we to do? As the world grows smaller because of transportation and continued population these cultures are going to eventually clash. They are already clashing. It is foolish to think that we are not at war with radical Islam. They have clearly declared war against us.

I don't have any solution. I don't think there is an easy solution. I think that some horrible act, much worse than the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, is going to trigger a huge, all-out war between the Muslim world and the Christian world.

So while you are looking for articles on cheerleaders without panties, sex with teachers, young teen sex and Tina Turner without panties, give all of that some thought.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

God bless all you Irishman and here's to your health. I hope you are out having a safe and exciting St. Patrick's Day celebration. Just imagine if the Pope were Irish! That will happen some day, I'm sure.

I am using this Sunday to try and catch up on a lot of things I need to get done. I have a Canon HD Camcorder that I use to shoot various projects. No, there are no cheerleader scandals or girls without panties or any nude cheerleaders having sex. I recently shot a sequence of song birds feeding off the ground. Hey I know that is boring stuff.

I mention it because I have apparently misplaced the cable that connects the drive in my camera to the computer. Now I can't get the stuff off the hard drive. I went to Best Buy and to a local camera store. They both told me that I have to order the cable from Canon because it is a proprietary port. That doesn't particularly bother me but when I went on the Canon web site, I could not find the cable listed as a replacement part. I am going to take one more look at the office to see if I took it there.

I notice that more of you are returning to check out the blog in spite of the fact that there are no stories or pictures of nude Russian girls. Nor are there any of Tina Turner nude at Sweetie Pies. Actually I haven't been at Sweetie Pies in a while. I like it well enough but the long line deters me.

I must have written in this blog at one point about a Kentucky cheerleader scandal because I notice that is still one of the searches that brings the most clicks. I really don't even remember the scandal. Maybe Justin Bieber or Lil Wayne do. (Regular readers will understand this reference).

I am also getting a surprising number of click throughs on the name John B. Larrimer. Mr. Larrimer is an attorney in Dallas Texas who is a health law expert. He has a practice that involves advising doctors and hospitals, very lucrative work. I am glad to see so many people searching for him.

So what did you do this St. Patrick's Day? There was a time when I would have been out drinking all day because it seemed to be the thing to do. But the DWI laws have become so strict, it keeps me home. Maybe that is contributing to the recession.

As always, thank you for stopping by my humble site.

From Class Action to Lil Wayne

Lots going on around here.

For one I am trying to determine whether photos in the posts increase the number of actual clicks. I am told that they help rankings in search engines. But do they help increase traffic once the site appears? I just don't know.

As I have suspected, the people who click through to fund stories or pictures on naked cheerleaders having sex with underage teens don't stay around very long. Most of the clicks for those keywords stay on site less than ten seconds. You would think they would at least read a little bit of the blog. Bums!

I got a notice of being a member of yet another class action lawsuit. What a ripoff those are. You have to go through this process of filing a claim and then you get some worthless coupon in the mail that you will never use. But the lawyers who handle the case get millions of dollars. I've filed out a claim form or two before I cam to the conclusion that it wasn't worth my time.

Now I understand that the rapper Lil Wayne has been in the news recently. He was apparently hospitalized for seizures and had to respond to reports that he was near death. So, in my efforts to jump the stats here at this page I have dutifully added him to this blog post. Apparently he has some serious health problems but seems to be okay. I would not want the world to be left with less competition for Justin Bieber.

And then there is Tyga who had his car impounded by the police. It is reported that he was stopped by police and was unable to provide a license or registration. Thus, his car was taken into custody, as was he. Apparently the people from TMZ were there and captured it all on camera.

Well enough pandering to the hot search keywords. I will add one more sentence about naked cheerleaders and sex with students before I close. Thanks for visiting.

It Seems To Be Working

Ah, I see you are back again for a new report on how my efforts to increase readership are going. Not bad, actually. Of course, the repeat business is not what it could be. Why? Because once people click through to this page looking for the substance of nude cheerleaders having sex with teens in panties, they understand they have been duped. So they don't come back too often. I wonder if I spelled "Come back" as "Cum back" there would clicks on the word cum. We'll see, won't we?

Last night I went to see War Horse at the Fabulous Fox Theater in St. Louis, Missouri. It was a great show. If you haven't seen the stage play, you should. I have not seen the movie but look forward to seeing it now. Of course, what did it not have? That's right! Sexy nude cheerleaders without panties, nor did it have any nude Russian women or girls.

Which does lead very nicely into my next subject which is the TV series called The Americans. If you are looking to see nude Russian girls or women, you might check it out. Actually it is a very good drama set during the cold war era. A married Russian couple is living in the Washington D.C. as spies. They happen to live across the street from an FBI agent who is involved in counter-intelligence. Take a look. It is on Wednesdays.

Now somebody told me that if I wanted to get readership of this site up I should throw in the reference to Justin Bieber. I figure since I am being such a slut about this project I might as well do it. By the way, I'll bet the word "slut" gets some attention.

This post is being written on the Ides of March, which today is one of the most searched terms along with Carnival Cruise Lines. Why anybody would want to get on a Carnival Cruise ship right now is beyond me, unless Justin Bieber were performing and you were a Justin Bieber fan.

Well, okay, enough messing around. It's time to get onto my real job. Thanks for the visit.

No Surprises

Well, readers, you have not surprised me. The best read, or at least most viewed posts on this web site are the ones that have the keywords of sex, nude sexy cheerleaders, cute teens, and panties.

As regular readers, not those who come here looking for nude teen cheerleaders having sex with students, know I am filling this page with those words in order to get the stats up so I can sell this URL. The more clicks I get, the higher the price. And although you may not be a regular reader, every time you click on this site looking for nude cheerleaders having sex with teens without panties, the stats go up. The regular readers know that.

Now there are plenty of other searches on this site. Tina Turner gets a lot of traffic. I have written about her before in conjunction with Sweetie Pies. As you know, Sweetie Pies is a very popular restaurant in the St. Louis area and it has a Tina Turner connection.

Tina is from St. Louis. When she was first becoming popular she used to appear at a place called Club Imperial. It was a hot night spot and on Tuesday nights underage people could get in. And we did. She was fabulous. She still is.

By the way, what did you think of the case with the cannibal cop? Did you read about that? Some guy was going online and talking about kidnapping and cooking women, some of whom he met on the Internet. He was convicted on some very shaky evidence. There was no evidence that he was actually going to do it. He was on these fantasy sites. I'm not sure I agree with that decision.

And last but not least we have the election of Pope Francis. That was an interesting choice. Jesuits are interesting people. I look forward to seeing how Pope Francis shapes the church during his tenure.

Well that's all for now. If you came here looking for something dealing with nude teen cheerleaders wearing no panties and having sex I am sure you are greatly disappointed. I'm not.

Poor Lady

Okay, I have a friend who told me a story the other day. He is a lawyer in Arizona and he knows this really conservative guy who runs a nearby business. He talks to this guy every once in a while so he was kind of surprised when the guy called him the other day. My lawyer friend is about forty and this businessman is maybe in his mid-fifties.

The businessman calls him up and says that there is a real nice lady who works for him who got into a little bit of trouble. The lady was accused of stealing, and it is a felony because of the amount. She has some health problems and can't work full time so she works for this businessman part time from her home. She makes phone calls for one of his businesses. He pays here off the books. My lawyer friend thought that was a bit odd since this businessman, let's call him Jerry, is such a law and order, conservative type. Jerry said that he would help with the lady's fees. We'll call the lawyer Hank.

Hank said that he would be glad to talk to the lady and if he agreed to represent her he would send the bill to Jerry. After a conversation with the proposed client, we'll call her Katy, Hank learned that she considered herself to be disabled and was going to apply for Social Security disability as soon as she could. She supposedly had a neurological disorder. But the lady claimed to have no available funds of any kind and no means of transportation.

Hank made arrangements for her to get to the lawyer's office where they met and talked about the case. We'll call the lawyer David. She told David she had been at a professional office doing some work, this was before she became disabled, she said, and she needed money real bad because her kids needed heat in the house and it was winter time and all. So she saw this lady's purse and helped herself to it. There was three hundred dollars in it. But she told David that the lady has since gotten her purse back.

David told me her felt sorry for Katy and told her he would take her case. So he headed out the next day to court to talk to the prosecutor and tell the prosecutor this sad story. Lucky for him he stopped by the clerk's office first. He picked up the charging documents and the account of the arrest. What a surprise.

Katy was indeed arrested and charged with stealing the lady's purse and money. But that charged stemmed from her arrest for prostitution. The purse was found in  her car when she was busted.

All I an say is that it was a good thing he didn't go to the prosecutor with that poor pitiful story Katy had laid on him. The big question is what was the connection between Hank and Katy. That has never been answered. Strange stuff, that legal profession.